What Makes Todd Lubar’s Clock Tick

Todd Lubar is a self-proclaimed Baltimore entrepreneur. In the recent past, housing in Baltimore has experienced many downfalls, but current signs are exhibiting that real estate in this city is due to a major comeback. In the past year alone, the number of houses bought through mortgage dwindled, reveals Linked In.com. Besides, the little homes that got sold at a cost higher than anticipated by prospectors. Due to the above, many regulations got reviewed so as to make the housing market much more accommodating for people seeking to live in the State of Maryland.

For a very long time, Todd has had vested interests in the real estate industry. Also, Lubar is an individual who knows how to step aside from his comfortable lifestyle and help people in need. It is these two qualities that have enabled Mr. Lubar to be the best at what he does. Earlier in life, Todd established a loan generator system for the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Fortunately, he was able to acquire an invaluable skill in traditional mortgage banking, the knowledge that he still uses to date.

With Lubar being very curious about the real estate industry, he did thorough research by partnering with agents that offer insurance, CPAs, realtors, and financial planners. In 1999, Todd took a job at the Legacy Financial Group where he was able to practice on his acquired knowledge on lending. Later on, Todd Lubar created a company by the name of Legendary Properties, LLC. It is through his corporation that he has been in a position to refurbish old dwellings, and even create new ones from scratch. Also, Todd has learned on how to forge partnerships with influential people involved in the construction sector.

Another institution in his name is the Legendary Financial, LLC that makes it easier for marginalized groups to gain access to home loans. Since Baltimore is on the way to recovery, Todd Lubar is the only one with the expertise to help you obtain loans for home purchase. Todd also happens to be the current president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC.

Apart from being a businessman, Todd Lubar likes to spend time with family and in particular his son. Moreover, he is a university graduate with a B.A. in speech communication. Todd has also been lucky enough to establish other corporations in the entertainment, demolition and recycling sectors, disciplines that Lubar greatly thrives. Presently, he is one of the high ranking mortgage originators in the entire United States of America. Follow him on Twitter to learn more.