Water Issues Are Being Overcome At Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley Ski Resort will remain open with no risk to the public as a water quality issue is addressed by water experts from the local government authority and independent water professionals employed by the resort. A November storm struck the Olympic Valley region of California and is blamed for an inundation of water that brought with it bacteria that entered a handful of wells in an isolated region of the resort, resulting in Squaw valley’s own testing procedures proving effective as the traces of E.Coli and Coliform were detected before any visitor could be offered any contaminated supplies.


Placer County Environmental Health officials have reported Squaw Valley self reported the contamination and turned off the contaminated water supply from four wells in the Upper Mountain region as soon as the November 2016 water issues were identified; Wesley Hicks of Placer County Environmental Health Department explained the removal of the contaminants is being achieved successfully as levels of Coliform have been lowered and E.Coli completely removed in three of the four affected wells.


Despite the success Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liels Kenney released a statement explaining the water quality situation was being handled by both Placer County officials and Squaw Valley’s team of independent water experts. Restaurants and all water supplies to the Upper Mountain region have been closed until the affected supply can be returned to safe levels, which will only be deemed successful when Placer County Environmental Health Department give their blessing over the work completed to remove the contaminants. Liesl Kenney was at pains to point out the work so far completed at Squaw Valley has proven successful and had little affect on the resort’s visitors who were still able to ski the entire mountain unimpeded and were being offered complimentary bottled water in the area affected by the major rainstorm.

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