The Ventures Of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a highly successful real estate developer who has been into several business ventures. Some were successful while others were not. Bnox is one of the unsuccessful ones. Here he was trying to sell binoculars called Bnox. It did not do well. The reason may have been that people did not like having to make adjustments with the focus, the distance between the eyes and so on.

Arthur Becker likes to collect ancient currencies. He likes to collect the ones that belong to African countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon and so on. Few of this currency is more than a millennium old. He has reproduced many of these as sculptures too. Soon, two of his large reproductions will be installed in Boston in a commercial building of Capital Properties.

He says that he has done a lot of work in money and did not know why. He says that money is like God for many people. They are putting aspirations like security, and romance, besides hope and safety on it.

In the art of Arthur Becker, money appears frequently. It can be in the form of dollar or euros. His office has sculptures of cash that are crumpled or gold bars that have been stacked up like Jenga pieces. Next are the origami animals and such other shapes that have been made from paper money.

Arthur Becker has sold many of these pieces, reports Ideamensch. It is the people on Wall Street who are his prime customers for these sculptures. In June, Becker is planning to have an exhibition at one of the Sullivan Street townhouses that he has newly built. These are going to be curated by gallerist James Salomon.

Long back Arthur Becker had invested in Hawaii in a macadamia nut farm, just because his friend persuaded him to. This is where they grew 1 million pounds of nuts. The investment was about $4 million. These nuts were sold for about $10 million. Hence he made a big profit here.

As a kid, Arthur Becker liked to consult his Magic 8 Ball on a regular basis. Now he is using it in his art. He has crushed these balls into pieces on his paintings. Else he has juxtaposed these against the origami money. These balls are representing decisions here.