The entrepreneurial success of Hussain Sajwani

After completing his early education in the Middle East, Hussain Sajwani joined the University of Washington for his undergraduate degree. His nature of operation controls the information that he gives to the public. After his undergraduate studies, Hussain Sajwani got his first job as a contracts manager in GASCO. The GASCO Company is a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Mr. Sajwani did not work for long before developing the feeling to start his company. In 1982, after working as the contracts manager for a few months, Hussain opted to start his practice where he established a practice of his own.


The establishment and success of DAMAC properties

The company was established after Hussain saw a gap in the construction industry. The existing companies did not tap the necessary resources, and the market still had a huge gap. Having established the company in 1982, the process of growth was slow, but Mr. Sajwani had a plan with it.


The focus of DAMAC

For the past few years, DAMAC has been creating opportunities and building brands of different kinds. The company’s focus was to build and market the most luxurious houses. The brand name that has been created is largely dependent on the quality of the houses to be built and the specification of customer’s choice. Based in the United Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani confirms that the company has been involved in several projects around the world. Most of the clients come from the United States. Other than the business base in the US, DAMAC has completed several projects in Somalia, Bosnia, and other countries around the world. The company has a current focus of cracking the European market through the quality of their services.


Hussain Sajwani Family

Other than being a business mogul, Mr. Sajwani has a deep interest in giving back to the community. The billionaire businessman has built a children’s home where he supports the less fortunate, especially the orphans. He believes in educating the community for their future. The focus of the family is to take care of the growing children who could have bright futures but have no capabilities.


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