Securus Technologies Gains Popularity for its Dedication in Creating a Safer World

Securus Technologies creates new services or products on a weekly basis. For this reason, feedback from its clients is expected, and they receive it in large numbers in the form of emails and letters.


Calls monitoring


Securus Technology offers a service where one can track and record phone calls. These calls aids in investigations and help get evidence to bring culprits to book. One client was especially glad as tracked calls helped him get a search warrant for an employee who was introducing contrabands. He was eventually put in custody. This service has also been very effective in prisons as it has helped in getting information on illegal drugs and alcohol sales by prisoners and civilians as well as money laundering. It is also evident that inmates have access to cell phones. Another tracking was made where a prisoner was coaching a witness on how to respond to police questions regarding a crime. This finding was of great help in judging on the case.


The Right Vision


Prison officials being users of these products are impressed by Securus Technologies’ vision. They are happy that the firm is always striving to create better technologies that go a long way in revolutionizing the correctional facilities as well as enhance safety. The company’s investigative tools go in line with the law enforcer’s investigative minds.


Excellent Customer Care


Securus Technologies willingness to help their clients can’t go unnoticed. A client noted that when using the convert alert product during an investigation, he was able to receive help from the firm on how to use the feature. The suspect was later arrested. Their LBS product has helped the sheriff’s department recover illegal assets, money, and drugs, which would have otherwise been difficult.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is always dedicated to providing public information, emergency response, inmate self-service and monitoring products and services. The firm has gained popularity and growth serving a large number of law enforcers, inmates, and the public at large.