Richard Blair’s Investment Plan That Ensures Clients Increase Their Income And Retire Comfortably

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions; a firm focused on providing clients with investment advisory that allows them to spot opportunities and skillfully increase their net value. Richard is specialized in offering top-notch services using his longstanding experience and qualifications in CFS, RICP, CES, and CAS. Through the firm, Richard has a three-tier strategy that maximizes each person’s assets. Learn more:


The first stage of the process is to draft the client’s financial abilities to be able to have realistic goals in investment. The firm narrows down to identify specific strengths and growth opportunities as well as risks that may come up. After an accurate valuation, the customer receives a definite financial plan that will manifest the intended goals in a manageable time frame. The second layer involves setting up a long term investment plan customized for each client’s liquidity. Richard personally manages the assets involved and shifts them if necessary to maximize productivity. In the case of a market downfall, the firm diligently follows through each investment to protect it from possible adversity. Lastly, Richard establishes the most proper insurance plans for customers, including long-term cases like life insurance and annuities. Learn more:



Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions grew up watching his mother and grandmother increase their statuses in life from aspects gained from their teaching careers, such as confidence. He gained a passion for education and used it to manifest his financial dreams. After his tertiary graduation from the University of Houston, Richard started Wealth Solutions in 1994 to address the concerns of clients in Texas. He centered the company’s mission around the provision of sound advice on investment, financial plans and retirement.


Richard Blair registered the company in the advisory genre and offers services to high-net individuals and businesses as well as small enterprises. Most of the firm’s clients are in the headquarter location Austin and other regions like Georgetown, New Braunfels, Bastrop, and Marble Falls. Richard has extensive experience in investment transactions spanning over 20 years and tailors Wealth Solutions’s policy to cater to the ever-changing needs of customers including those who might be more on the conservative side. Richard has in-depth understanding that customers enjoy growing their assets, planning their retirements and having a comfortable life in their senior year. He ascertains that each one gets a realistic comprehension of their financial power and the best case scenario of maximizing it. Since the establishment of the firm, Richard has successfully processed deals for hundreds of customers and plans to continue offering first-class advisory in future. Learn more: