How Philanthropist Betsy DeVos is Revolutionizing our Education System

For decades, Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos, has striven for reform in education and has been at the forefront of fighting to break down barriers, to bring about change and to ensure that our country’s education system is a place where everyone can succeed. DeVos has been extremely active in politics for over three decades. One of her greatest callings has been her work with the Potter’s House Christian School. The Potter’s House school serves people in Grand Rapids Michigan and is known for primarily focusing on families that come from lower income situations. In a recent interview in Philanthropy Roundtable, Ms. DeVos detailed how she became exceptionally involved in the school and how she came to become one if its prime sponsors. Ms. DeVos first visited the school with her husband when they had young children that were of age to attend school. They were extremely grateful for the fact that they were able to send their children to their choice of schools. However, it was a different story for families that sent their kids to Potter’s House. Many of them did not have a choice financially of where to send their children and were struggling to keep their kids in a safe school environment. Ms. DeVos was truly touched by the students and families she met and the amount of love they had. She made a commitment to sponsor individual students with exceptional need and has expanded her philanthropic role to become one of the school’s largest supporters. This led to she and her husband’s greater commitment to do all they could to support schools throughout the state and region, with a special focus on low-income families. Read more about her philanthropy at

Among her resume’s highlights is serving as the four-time chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, serving as the establish Windquest Group’s previous chairman and she also has held a large number of various leadership positions working with political committees, has worked closely with politicians during campaigns and is a known asset to many organizations within the party.

However, while Betsy DeVos is best known for her work in the educational sector with a focus on politics, she is known throughout her community as a very active philanthropist and is extremely passionate about making her community a better place. She has worked on national, regional and local boards for many prominent institutions including the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the American Enterprise Institute and ArtPrize. She also spearheaded the University of Maryland’s DeVos Institute for the Arts. Her husband, Dick DeVos is a fellow philanthropist and community activist and together they work diligently to serve as leaders in their community and focus on education both locally and throughout the nation. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table