Diplomat Daniel Taub

Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub to the U.K. is officially resigning from his post. His four-year tenure as the ambassador has resulted in multiple positive gains in the relationship between the U.K. and Israel, such as a doubling of trade during his time in office. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

The Israeli embassy was quoted as saying “The four years since Ambassador Taub took his post have seen Israel-U.K. trade double and a significant deepening of academic, business and cultural links between the two countries”. Over 300 Israeli businesses have set up operations in the U.K. Annual bilateral trade is estimated at over $5.5 billion annually.

Taub started his work as the ambassador for the U.K. during 2011.

Taub was born in Britain in 1962. Having been asked various times about how he feels about leaving his British citizenship behind and moving to Israel, Taub has stated that he feels good to return to his homeland of 2,000 years. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Having the experience of growing up in the U.K. Taub has a unique perspective and is able to interact with the Jewish community in London. With this experience, he is able to talk to the Jewishish community in London with understanding and as a friend, not as a political figure.

Taub is known for making his voice heard and making sure that he has the best interests of Israel put forward. When an MP in Bedford claimed that his city was an “Iserali free zone” Taub personally went to that city to talk to councils, faith leaders, and political leaders to try to calm the situation with the MP.

Taub was also instrumental in the process of peace between the Israeli and Palanstaians leaders. Being an expert in foreign affairs and politics, Taub is a world-renowned writer, having works and articles published in the Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and the Huffington Post.

Daniel Taub has improved the relations between the U.K. economically and politically in his time of office and has been awarded many awards for his experience and his expertise. He still has roles in organizations advising on politics and foreign affairs in Israel. Daniel Taub was a great ambassador and leader for his country of Israel.