An in depth look at Michael Lacey:

Michael Lacey is a well known mathematician. Michael Lacey is currently on staff at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Michael Lacey was hired by the institute over a decade ago as a Math Professor.

In 2012, Michael Lacey was honored to learn that he had become a member of the American Mathematical Society. During his tenure with Georgia Institute of Technology, Michael Lacey received the Guggenheim Fellowship for his exceptional work and research studies under the direction of Xiaochun Li. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Previously, Michael Lacey held a position at Indiana University within the science and math department. Michael Lacey held this position for a period of seven years beginning in late 1989.

After about three years with Indiana State University, Lacey received his National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. Soon after receiving his Postdoctoral Fellowship, Michael Lacey began an intensive study of Bilenear Transform. In the spring of 1996, Michael Lacey was awarded the prestigious “Salem Prize” for his study of Bilenear Transform. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

Michael Lacey’s studies over the years also included harmonic analysis as well as probability. In addition, Michael Lacey conducted research involving empirical characteristics and related functions. To say that Michael Lacey has a mathematical mind is an understatement. Some have referred to Lacey as a genius of sorts.

*Educational Background:

Michael Lacey received a PHD from University of Illinois. During his time at University of Illinois Michael Lacey worked closely with Walter Phillip. Prior to graduation Michael Lacey wrote a thesis which provided analysis on how probability factors can determine certain outcomes related to upper level mathematics.

Michael Lacey held a postdoctoral position at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). Lacey held this position within one year after graduating from the University of Illinois. Lacey was offered this position due to his superior grades and his interest within the area scientific research and analysis.

Mr. Lacey also published the book called “Hilbert Transformation on Vector Fields”. This book is certainly geared toward educated individuals with an complete understanding of complex mathematical equations as well as an understanding of sophisticated scientific applications. Generally speaking, a research scientist would probably find this book quite interesting as well as informational.

It seems that many are intrigued with Michael Lacey’s intelligence and his various mathematical and scientific theories. Lacey is an intense person that had already added a great deal to both the math and science community. We can only hope that Michael Lacey’s discoveries and research will continue to amaze us for many years to come.